Official Channels

Official channels are things like grievance procedures, ombudsmen and courts. They are supposed to resolve problems and provide justice. However, trust in official channels can be misplaced: in many cases they may give only an illusion of a solution. In Official...

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Campaign Accelerator trainings > MobLab

Details of upcoming trainings, courses, webinars and convenings.  The Accelerator brings together the very best of design thinking (centring the people you aim to serve or engage), systems thinking (tackling root causes to shift systems), and people-powered (inspiring...

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Climate Resistance Handbook

If you’re wondering how to build a powerful, strategic movement that can make big wins for climate action, this is your guide. The Climate Resistance Handbook brings together a wealth of learnings from the climate justice movement. It starts with breaking social myths...

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Why activists fail | Robert Burrowes

Robert Burrowes writes: “The foundation of any sound strategy… is a thorough understanding of the conflict. This means, most importantly, having a clear sense of the ‘big picture’… not just the detail of the issue on which you focus. Fundamentally,...

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Measuring political will

A win often means getting the support of elected officials, and the Policymaker Rating method was designed to measure just that. This brief shares scenarios where this method was applied and modified to show what has worked (and what utterly failed). This resource is...

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Critical path building – a different view

Critical path building allows campaigners to map a proposed campaign route and identify the key events, resource and time constraints and other dependencies which need to be taken into account as a milestone objective is approached. This level of analysis is essential...


Campaign strategy as a house

Strategy as a House is a basic mud map to help you and your team develop a campaign strategy. The foundation of a robust strategy is an understanding of context and a rigorous understanding of the problem you seek to remedy. Next, you’ll need an analysis of...

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Power mapping template

Who can make the decision you need to influence (your primary target)? Who influences them (your secondary targets)? Who use exercises influence for/against this decision? A power map is a simple yet powerful tool to map decision makers and focus your energy where it...


Campaign strategy template

This template simplifies the process of developing a campaign strategy, with 14 headings in a logical sequence and practical advice for developing each element of strategy. tCA’s website also has MS Word templates for critical path analysis and power map.