How we win | Book

Today’s new direct action campaigns require a new, down-to-earth guide to effective campaigning. George Lakey’s How We Win is that timely guide. The Women’s March of January 21, 2017 was estimated at four million people — the largest assembly of activist protest in...

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Nonviolent strategy wheel (Rob Burrowes)

If nonviolent struggle is to be effective, it requires a sound strategic orientation. This, in turn, requires a thoughtfully designed strategic plan. This plan may be generated using the strategic framework outlined on the Nonviolent Strategy Wheel which identifies...

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Civil disobedience in the public interest

Most civil disobedience is in the public interest – though some might be better planned, more strategic or more successful it is rare that people participate in civil disobedience with selfish or malicious motive – it is generally done in in the interests of the...

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Journal of Resistance Studies

Issue 1 of Journal of Resistance Studies is out and it’s free! Following issues will be offered at a subscription rate. Make sure to spread the word and ask your local library to subscribe to the journal.

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