Climate Resistance Handbook

If you’re wondering how to build a powerful, strategic movement that can make big wins for climate action, this is your guide. The Climate Resistance Handbook brings together a wealth of learnings from the climate justice movement. It starts with breaking social myths...

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How we win | Book

Today’s new direct action campaigns require a new, down-to-earth guide to effective campaigning. George Lakey’s How We Win is that timely guide. The Women’s March of January 21, 2017 was estimated at four million people — the largest assembly of activist protest in...

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Playbook for Progressives [book]

An organizing manifesto for the twenty-first century, Playbook for Progressives is a must-have for the activist’s tool kit. This comprehensive guide articulates pragmatically what is required in the often mystifying and rarely explained on-the-ground practice of...

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Tools for Grassroots Activists (paperback)

For over 20 years, Patagonia has organized a Tools Conference, where experts provide practical training to help activists be more effective in their fight. Now Patagonia has captured Tools’ best wisdom and advice into a book, creating a resource for any organization...

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Axioms for organisers

Axioms for Organizers by Fred Ross, Sr., Trailblazer for Social Justice is a collection of organizing wisdom from decades of fighting for social justice and equality throughout the United States and around the world. Download from iBooks for $2.99.

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Blueprint for revolution

 In Blueprint for Revolution, Srdja Popovic outlines his philosophy for implementing peaceful world change and provides a model for activists everywhere through stories of his own experience toppling dictatorships (peacefully) and of smaller examples of social change...

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