Movement Action Plan wiki

The Movement Action Plan is a strategic model for waging nonviolent social movements developed by Bill Moyer, a US social change activist. The MAP, initially developed by Moyer in the late 1970s, uses case studies of successful social movements to illustrate eight...

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Anatomy of a Modern Campaign

“So lets kick the door down on the secrecy and see how a modern campaign actually runs – the research involved, the technology, the analysis, the logistics of the ground game and the capabilities that get brought to the table when all of these things become...

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Know thine enemy

Noam Cohen dissects right wing attacks on town hall meetings – a curious interpretation of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’. Republican organizers are adopting Alinsky-style tactics to shut down public meetings organised by public health...

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Would Saul Alinsky break his own rules?

In recent years, Saul Alinsky has become known for of his connections to prominent figures inside Washington, D.C. In the 1980s, Barack Obama cut his political teeth as an organizer in an Alinskyite community organization, an initiative on the South Side of Chicago...

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Ecofeminist strategies for change

Jarrah’s (1998) study of ecofeminist activism in Western Australia examines the practical strategies of women who embrace ecofeminist philosophies and ideals. Findings from this research are discussed in relation to ecofeminist theory and contextualised w

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