Blueprint for revolution

 In Blueprint for Revolution, Srdja Popovic outlines his philosophy for implementing peaceful world change and provides a model for activists everywhere through stories of his own experience toppling dictatorships (peacefully) and of smaller examples of social change...

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Schweik Action Wollongong

SAW is a small voluntary group in Wollongong, Australia, fostering awareness of nonviolent responses to aggression and repression. Nonviolent action includes leafletting, rallies, strikes, boycotts, sit-ins, fasts and many other methods of social action. Nonviolent...

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Movement for a New Society

The Movement for a New Society (MNS) was a U.S.-based network of social activists, committed to the principles of nonviolence, who played a key role in social movements of the 1970s and ’80s. The early members of MNS consciously sought to develop tools and...

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The Three Applications of Nonviolent Action

George Lakey writes: “Nonviolent action has three major applications: social change; social defense; and third-party nonviolent intervention… There are four forms of third-party nonviolent intervention I have so far identified: accompaniment,...


‘Gandhi and beyond’ book review

Jason MacLeod’s review of David Cortright’s (2006) ‘Gandhi and Beyond’: Cortright offers a useful book for students and educators of nonviolent action. He provides a sensitive, sympathetic and critical overview of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr....

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Pt’Chang Community Safety Group

Pt’chang is a Melbourne based all volunteer, not for profit community group dedicated to Community Safety. Pt’chang provides trained groups of peacekeepers at community events and provides legal observers when necessary.

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