civil resistance

How we win | Book

Today’s new direct action campaigns require a new, down-to-earth guide to effective campaigning. George Lakey’s How We Win is that timely guide. The Women’s March of January 21, 2017 was estimated at four million people — the largest assembly of activist protest in...

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Civil Society Confronts Authoritarianism [article]

Batuhan Aydagül writes: “My experience in Erdoğan’s Turkey has taught me that NGOs need to avoid polarizing politics, focus on core values, and find allies to survive and thrive in closing societies… By being pragmatic, we can preserve our civil-society...


Minds of the Movement blog

Minds of the Movement bloggers are a diverse group representing more than a dozen countries to date. They write for those interested in the ideas and experiences of people on the front line of civil resistance, and those who seek to understand the art and science of...

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