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How mod is your mob?

How can we build high performing mobilisation teams and strong engagement cultures to win bigger? It takes a continued investment of focus, resources and time to build mobilisation teams and engagement cultures. Greenpeace’s Mobilization Lab created this...

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Bird-dogging has nothing to do with animals and everything to do with grassroots power in action! To bird-dog is to “observe, follow, monitor and/or seek out with persistent attention.” Basically, you show up at the candidates’ events, ask them to commit and ask them...

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The Good Fight with Ben Wikler

The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler is podcast and radio show that tells David versus Goliath stories about changing the world from the behind-the-slingshot point of view. The Good Fight features a mix of comedy, activism, interviews, explanations, and stories about epic...

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The action network: online organising tools

You need more than petitions. Raise money for your campaigns, collect RSVPs for events or ask others to host their own as part of an event campaign anywhere in the world, create online surveys and other forms, upload images and files, create stunning action centres,...



ActionSprout connects to the services you already use and love. When a supporter takes action, their contact information is instantly synced to your email lists or CRM databases. You can also download all of your data into a CSV file so you can use it wherever you...



The STC is a collection of resources for using tech in advocacy. It includes training, guides, events, communities, organisations and more. Below you can search, create reports, and share your findings.


The Progressive Exchange

The Progressive Exchange is an online community that was started in 2004 by M+R Strategic Services’ eCampaigns division as a way to share information among people doing online organizing, advocacy, marketing and fundraising on behalf of the public...

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The good points of bad activism

As digital devices proliferate and digital applications become both more powerful and easier to use, more politically-engaged people are able get involved. However, as the bar is lowered and mobilization attempts become easier, less skilled and less committed people...