Campaign strategy as a house

Strategy as a House is a basic mud map to help you and your team develop a campaign strategy. The foundation of a robust strategy is an understanding of context and a rigorous understanding of the problem you seek to remedy. Next, you’ll need an analysis of...

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‘Questions only’ process guide

Chris Jensen developed this process guide to prepare facilitators to lead discussions. The process entails designing and asking questions to help participants learn key concepts. Facilitators are encouraged to listen more than tell, and to be specific in their...

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Relational meetings

“A relational meeting as an encounter that is face-to-face – one to one – for the purpose of exploring the development of a purposeful relationship. You’re searching for talent, energy, insight and relationships…. Without hundreds and thousands of such...

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Ecofeminist strategies for change

Jarrah’s (1998) study of ecofeminist activism in Western Australia examines the practical strategies of women who embrace ecofeminist philosophies and ideals. Findings from this research are discussed in relation to ecofeminist theory and contextualised w

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How to plan a campaign

Seasoned transport campaigner Christine Laurence developed this 19 page manual to integrate the suite of practical campaign planning tools she collected and developed. Christine’s report of her Churchill Scholarship is one of our more popular downloads.

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