Kitchen table conversations

Personal conversations are our most powerful tool for affecting people’s mindsets. However, asking people to keep track of complex ideas in conversations is a bit like asking them to play mental chess.  So here we use pictures and physical models to keep track of...

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Top 10 sustainability campaigns of 2014

The Guardian showcases 10 great campaigns from 2014, including 350.org’s divestment campaign, the People’s Climate March, the inspiring Pacific Climate Warriors blockade of Newcastle’s coal port and Greenpeace’s campaign to end Lego’s...

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One year up a tree

Miranda Gibson’s inspiring one-woman action to protect Tasmania’s ancient forests. Testimony to the power of personal action.

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Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance

The Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance is comprised of organisations from the education, union, youth and environment sectors that want a higher prioritisation of sustainability in the education system. We are achieving this by advocating and lobbying...



“…empower people and communities to make a unique contribution in building a society that is socially and ecologically sustainable” through youth leadership programs, environmental education and action planning.

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Protecting Pooh Corner

Nikki Parker and Simon Birrell (2007) describe the Friends of Pooh Corner campaign to stop private developers taking over ownership of an area valued by the local community. The short and successful campaign led to the area being managed as a bushland reserve for...

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