EngageMedia uses the power of video, the internet and free software technologies to affect social and environmental change. We believe independent media and free and open technologies are fundamental to building movements needed to challenge social injustice.

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Undercurrents was one of the first activist production companies who put together ‘real news’. Based in the UK, they are a non-profit company mostly working with video makers and communities who have been marginalised or overlooked by TV...

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Z magazine

A huge website updated many times daily featuring articles and links about various global issues with well-known contributors from all over the world.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes

Presentation by Claudia Baldwin designed to: introduce ADR processes; outline the characteristics of mediation; identify skills useful for preventing and resolving conflicts; and to identify the benefits of mediation for environmental dispute and policy r

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What makes people tick

What makes people tick: the three hidden worlds of settlers, prospectors and pioneers Chris Rose’ powerful guide to values mapping is a ‘must-read’ for campaigners.┬áIf you want to communicate effectively with people – especially if you want to...

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