decision making

Thinking outside the circle | George Woods

In our hurly-burly times, it seems that the circle is no longer the shape to form in decision-making, or in organising social change. As an alternative, activism might instead adopt structures, tactics and decisions that accommodate the ideas, experiences, prejudices,...

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Activists and difficult people

Brian Martin (2001): All of us encounter people whose behavior we find difficult, and many of us are difficult ourselves, at least at times! Some people might imagine that there are fewer problems in groups that are concerned with “good causes,” such as...

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Meetniq | Activists, get organised

Meetniq is a group-organising tool for grassroots campaigns and community groups. It handles the boring and time-consuming bits of organising a group, so you can get on with the real work. Functions include compiling and distributing agendas, tracking group tasks and...

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