Theory of Change Guidelines

A Theory of Change (ToC) approach helps in deepening your understanding – and that of your partners – of how you collectively think change happens and what the effect will be of your intervention. Not only does it show what political, social, economic,...

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Theory of Change Online

Theory of Change Online (TOCO) is the only web-based software (no download required) that you can use to design and edit and store your Theory of Change, learn the concepts of theory of change, and capture your outcomes, indicators, rationales and assumptions in an...

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Simple theory of change exercise

We use this exercise to jump start a group thinking about the changes they really hope to make, what will get them there, and most importantly, why. Sometimes it is helpful to start by drawing a vision for change for the top of the map, or the long-term goal (rather...

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Center for theory of change

A theory of change is an innovative tool to design and evaluate social change initiatives. The Center for Theory of Change is a non-profit organization established to promote quality standards and best practice for the development and implementation of Theory of...

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Theories of change

A theory of change can help guide campaigners, their teams and communities. A well-crafted theory of change helps align the available energy, keeping your team focused and clear headed about the change you plan to make and how. In our workshops, we often use a basic...

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Ecofeminist strategies for change

Jarrah’s (1998) study of ecofeminist activism in Western Australia examines the practical strategies of women who embrace ecofeminist philosophies and ideals. Findings from this research are discussed in relation to ecofeminist theory and contextualised w

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