Sustaining self-care

A workshop that allows participants to reflect about sustainability (self-care, to practice techniques for long-term sustainability, and increase awareness of what balances them (and what depletes their energy).


SWOT analysis

An activity to examine internal and external factors that hinder or facilitate a group’s advocacy strategy. This is a useful activity to help you refine goals, objectives, and activities.

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Beating a SLAPP suit

Greg Ogle examines recent legal cases against Australian environmentalists – the lawsuit initiated by Tasmanian forestry giant Gunns Ltd, and the litigation proceedings by David Jones against the Australia Institute. How do these suits impact on public de

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Tensions within a group

Well functioning groups are aware of these tensions and work together to manage and respond to them as needed. Facilitators can assist by observing, acknowledging and actively managing these tensions as they arise.

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Vision gallery

A tool for envisioning specific features of the kind of society participants would like to create, and facilitating development of a common vision and shared values.

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