People Power Manual: Campaign Strategy Guide

By: Jason MacLeod & James Whelan

  • ISBN Number: 978-0-9943939-1-3
  • Publish Date: 2016
  • Number of Pages: 150

The Campaign Strategy Guide was the first instalment of the People Power Manual, a resource created for organisers, activist educators and facilitators.

Campaign strategy needn’t be mystifying, lonely or stressful. Social movements become more powerful as more people are equipped to analyse their political context, consider paths to change and mindfully plan tactics. This Campaign Strategy Guide equips activist educators to facilitate a range of participatory exercises with activists, organisers and citizens. It can also be used as a do-it-yourself guide for campaigners.

The guide incorporates 20 handouts, several workshop schedules and process guides for 27 strategising processes that have been tried and tested by thousands of campaigners.

The Campaign Strategy Guide was launched during the 2015 Organise conference in Sydney. Revised editions have been published in 2017 and 2020. It can be purchased in hard copy or downloaded in electronic format from the Change Agency.

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“There is an old saying that the harder you work, the luckier you get. But no amount of hard work on a campaign will make up for a bad strategy. Thankfully, developing good strategy and running powerful campaigns isn’t rocket surgery, and this manual is jam-packed full of helpful tips to guide you on your way.”

John Hepburn, Executive Director, The Sunrise Project

“The first People Power Manual has been put together by two activists who ‘walk their talk’… who have cut their teeth on the coal-face so to speak. It’s rare that people manage to combine cutting edge activist work, activist education work, reflective practice (action and reflection) and writing. Jason and James have managed this combination beautifully, and it has paid dividends in the creation of this high quality manual. I recommend it to any activist, educator, organiser, animator, or community-social practitioner.”

Dr Peter Westoby, University of Queensland & Community Praxis Collective

This manual will become a highly useful ‘go to’ resource for anyone involved in training activists or facilitating campaign strategy sessions. It is designed for people of action because it is all about helping you – as an educator and facilitator – get the job done, with process guides, handouts and sample workshop plans. For experienced activist educators and facilitators, it is a chance to refresh your approach and find new tools. For those still developing their craft, it offers a smorgasbord of activities and processes that extend well beyond “chalk and talk” or small group discussions.  There are games and activities to engage head, heart, and mind, and some to get people moving around as well. There are also extensive links to further reading and references, to explore as time allows or need requires.

Anita Tang, Advocacy advisor and campaign coach