Changemakers podcast

There are 140 million people engaged in social change work across the globe. These are the ChangeMakers. The ChangeMakers podcast is a weekly, half-hour globally focused series that tells stories and lessons about the world of social change.

Each week, host Dr. Amanda Tattersall picks a theme, like “how to win using coalitions” or “when anger works and the power of direct action.”

Then she travels across the globe to meet ChangeMakers who have been running campaigns that have tried to make an impact in that space. Each episode features two stories told in the style of This American Life. A crafted narrative ties each story together, where multiple voices lay out what has happened. Hopes, fears and regrets are revealed. Story by story, lessons about what works and what doesn’t work in the world of social change are teased out.

The program is designed to help ChangeMakers reflect on what they do, and how they can do it better. The goal is that the ChangeMakers podcast can help us all become better at making change, in a world that needs progressive change more than ever.