Working in groups

Successful campaigns depend on effective groups that are characterised by cooperation, respectful relationships, clear communication, and effective decision-making processes. Often people in social change groups and organisations are so preoccupied with the change they want to achieve in the world, and the tasks they have to complete, that there is little investment in setting up the group well, and maintaining its good functioning. This workshop provides an opportunity for existing groups to get a ‘tune-up’, and for individuals to broaden their own skills to engage effectively in group life.


  • team building
  • strengthening communication skills
  • developing shared understanding of roles in groups and stages in group development
  • modelling and practicing tools and facilitation techniques for effective meetings
  • exploring consensus and other approaches to decision-making
  • building self-awareness of participants in group life

key elements and tools

  • active listening
  • team-types
  • characteristics of well-functioning teams
  • conflict and the shadow-side of groups
  • task and maintenance
  • stages in group development
  • role-playing and practice facilitation

who would benefit?

This workshop would benefit new or established groups or organisations seeking to strengthen relationships and team work, and improve internal effectiveness. This workshop may be especially beneficial to groups which have experienced significant change, or wish to make change to their structure or processes. This workshop is also recommended for groups preparing for demanding projects or campaigns, to maximise smooth communication and teamwork.