Wise Democracy Card Decks

Printed card decks for the Wise Democracy Pattern Language (version 2.0) are now available for purchase in boxed sets with 96 pattern cards and educational inserts. They are backed up by an encyclopedic wise democracy website packed with methods and practical advice as well as big-picture theory, vision and questions to deepen one’s understanding. The cards are designed for individual use or for group exercises for:

  • identifying key focus areas for generating collective wisdom
  • evaluating collective wisdom potential in initiatives, methodologies and systems – past, present and future and
  • deep learning in a vital emerging field of study and practice.

For anyone seeking to better address the complexity of our time, this tool provides insightful principles and practical methodologies. Over the next few months there will be a number of educational, networking and consultative activities. To stay informed, subscribe to the Wise Democracy newsletter.