sustaining activism

Activist energy is a precious resource. Activism can be incredibly stressful and emotionally demanding, and many activists keep ‘running on empty’ without taking the time to replenish their reserves. Resulting burn-out harms the individual as well as the campaigns and organisations they are part of. This workshop encourages activists to prioritise their own health and happiness while working for social change.


  • reduce sense of isolation and increase resilience of participants
  • reflect on current practices, challenges, and sources of inspiration and replenishment
  • develop understanding of burn-out, and personal ‘warning signs’
  • set goals to create greater balance in life and manage time effectively
  • share strategies for preventing and recovering from burn-out

key elements and tools

  • active listening and story-telling
  • defining the symptoms, causes and consequences of burn-out
  • burn-out rating scale
  • support network mapping
  • time management
  • tips for setting up campaigns and organisations to reduce the likelihood of burn-out
  • relaxation techniques

who would benefit?

All people engaged in social change work who experience stress – and would like to find better ways to manage it. Please note that given the subject matter this workshop sometimes involves a level of emotional sharing. This is natural and welcome, and anything disclosed in the workshop will be treated confidentially.

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