Strategising for change

This workshop introduces a suite of practical tools for developing and evaluating campaign strategy. Workshop participants apply these tools to real-life problems to develop realistic strategies and tactics. The tools are suitable for both small grassroots groups and larger professional advocacy organisations. Many of those who have participated in the SfC workshop say that it has revolutionised the way they campaign. And in the process working more strategically has lead to a greater number of real campaign wins for communities and the environment.


  • demystify the strategising process by sharing and applying practical tools
  • understand a range of strategic frameworks and processes
  • apply these frameworks to real campaign situations
  • articulate, evaluate and measure campaign outcomes

Key elements and tools

Our strategy workshops explore the tools for strategy in experiential and participatory ways. Key strategic frameworks that have formed the basis of successful campaigns are unpacked and shared. Together these tools comprise building blocks that support groups to develop their own strategy. Key elements of strategy workshops generally include:

  • elements of strategy
  • vision
  • cutting the issue (problems to issues)
  • critical path analysis
  • situational analysis
  • SMART objectives
  • stakeholder analysis: spectrum of allies & power mapping
  • selecting and sequencing tactics
  • campaign planning
  • campaign evaluation

Who would benefit?

Strategy workshops are intended for community based organisations, activists, and NGOs who want to increase their capacity to win campaigns for environmental and social justice. They’re especially useful for groups that are clear about the social or environmental injustice they’re working on but unclear where to start, what success will look like and how it will come about.