Winter activist reading

8th July, 2014

What makes people tick? The three hidden worlds of settlers, prospectors and pioneers

Chris Rose is well known to campaigners and strategists for his brilliant website and manual How to Win Campaigns. With What makes people tick?, Chris introduces the reader to settlers, prospectors and pioneers. Companies and campaigners, from Greenpeace to Shell, from the National Trust to Unilever, from the US Marines to the BBC and from McDonald’s to Arsenal Football Club, have used the Three Worlds insights to build strategies that work, in marketing, in environmental change campaigns, in team building and in communications. This book gives examples, principles and guidelines to enable anyone to do likewise. Order now through the Change Agency for $35 (including domestic postage).

Getting Our Act Together: How to Harness the Power of Groups

Director of the Groupwork Institute of Australia, Glen Ochre, brings together more than 40 years’ experience to unravel the intricate dynamics of groups. Her practical guide focuses on situations where problems most often arise and provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to overcome them. Glen’s insights can be applied in all sorts of group settings – community, workplace, therapy, lobbying – wherever people come together to work collaboratively. Her passion for the transformative potential of co-operation can be felt on every page. As many who have worked with Glen have attested, the skills she shares in her book are also skills for life.

Available through the Groupwork Institute for $40 plus postage.