Build your own campaigners toolkit

19th May, 2014

Our new website allows activists and organisers to create your own tailored collection of resources.

First, select from 72 tags to specify your topic of interest. Perhaps you’re looking for resources on ‘lobbying’ or ‘communication’ in the context of a campaign that’s about the ‘environment’ or ‘peace’. Or you might be looking for a ‘case study’ or non violent direct action (‘nvda’) or ‘workshop resources’ on ‘community organising’.

Next, tell us what types of resources you’re looking for. Our resource collection includes web links, pdfs and Word docs, blog posts (like this one), books and workshops. If you don’t specify one or more types of resources, you’ll search all types.

This new functionality is a huge improvement on our old website. Please let us know how you go. Feedback will help us improve the toolkit. The resource collection has been crowd-sourced and reflects hundreds of suggestions from our subscribers. Drop us a line to suggest new links, share new files or suggest other improvements.