James Whelan’s publications

Edited texts

Whelan, J. ed. (2006) Partnership-Based Social Research for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Queensland, State of Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water, Brisbane.


Whelan, J. (2012) Big Society and Australia: How the UK Government is dismantling the state and what it means for Australia, Centre for Policy Development, Sydney.

Whelan, J. (2011) The State of the Service: An alternative report, Centre for Policy Development, Sydney.

Book chapters

Whelan, J. & La Rocca, S. with Hammond, H., MacLeod, J. & Gell, P. (2012) ‘Strategising to learn: Learning to Strategise’ in P. Westoby & L.Shevellar, L. (eds.) Learning and mobilising for community development: A radical tradition of community based education and training, Ashgate, Surrey, UK, pp.69-80.

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Journal articles

Whelan, J. (2012) ‘Community climate action’, Social Alternatives.

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Refereed Conference Papers

Whelan, J. (2005) ‘Six reasons not to engage: confrontation, compromise and the commons’, Conference Proceedings, International Conference on Engaging Communities, jointly sponsored by the United Nations and the Queensland Government, Edited by D.Gardner and K.Scott.

Whelan, J. & Lyons, K. (2004) Rethinking deliberative governance: dissecting the Queensland landclearing campaign, Conference Proceedings, Ecopolitics VX.

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Whelan, J. (2003) ‘Are academics irrelevant? Case studies of collaborative research with community-based environmental advocates, Proceedings, Inside Out Conference ‘Charting Uncertainty: Capital, Community and Citizenship’, July 2003, Ipswich.

Non-refereed conference papers

Whelan, J. (2006) ‘Community Decision-making and Empowerment: Findings from Six Years of Citizen Science Research’, Coast to Coast National Conference Melbourne.

Whelan, J. & Oliver, P. (2003), ‘Insiders and Outsiders: Participatory decision-making and environmental advocac’y, International Riversymposium Conference Proceedings.

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Whelan, J. (2001) ‘Powerful Voices: Learning to Speak out for the Environment’, Conference Proceedings, Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, 27-30/7/01.

Other publications

Oakley, J., Dean, Anni & Whelan, J. 2013, ‘Campaigning to stop the fourth coal terminal in Newcastle’, Chain Reaction, Issue 117, Friends of the Earth, pp.24-25.

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