Heart politics revisited

By: Fran Peavey

  • Publisher: Pluto Press, Annandale, N.S.W.
  • ISBN Number: 1864031050 / 1864031050 (pbk.)
  • Publish Date: 2014

“Heart politics revisited” is part autobiography, part manifesto, and it dares to dream about a new politics with people at the center. “Heart Politics Revisited” is a new and expanded edition of the classic 1985 handbook for activists. Peavey’s approach shuns careerism, rigid ideologies, revenge and recrimination–and offers a pathway towards reconciliation and living with difference through empathy, non-violence, co-operation and person-to-person contact. And it has a humor which carries the reader through.

About the author

Fran Peavey has worked in many fields: college professor, taxi driver, junior high teacher, comedian. For 30 years she has been working as a human rights campaigner, comedian, and social change worker.

“For more than half her life…Peavey has been at the barricades, challenging the status quo, trying to build a new culture of peaceful co-operation and social justice…Fran Peavey reminds that ordinary people can make a difference.” – David Leser, in Good Weekend
Formerly a member of the world renowned Atomic Comics, she teaches ‘heart politics’ to social change workers around the world.