Groupwork Institute of Australia’s collaborative leadership short course | various dates in 2018

As a leader, you need to both identify and make the most of the wisdom and experience in your organisation or team. With so many operational issues to address and negotiate, however, the emotional content is often overlooked. The advantage of an emotionally resilient leader is having the skills and awareness to build a stronger, more successful organisation. We provide a comprehensive container to develop the practical skills and confidence you require for collaborative management. You will learn more about yourself as a manager. This provides a strong and practical foundation for enhancing your management skills.

Extended leadership skills: building emotional resilience to handle ‘tricky’ encounters;  the micro skills for good management; being conscious of your personal motivations; your leadership style and its impact; how you can change your practices to better match your values; your capacity to effect change and influence values; and taking care of yourself.

How we affect each other:  Understanding the unconscious dynamics at work in a team; Organisational dynamics and our role; The unspoken components of organisational culture; and Role theory – roles people play in teams and how we can avoid getting stuck.

Working with your group or organisation: Facilitating collaborative teamwork; Increasing confidence in risk taking in being genuine; Understanding our organisation’s values and beliefs

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