Globalize liberation

By: David Solnit

  • Publisher: City Lights Books, San Francisco, CA.
  • ISBN Number: 0872864200 (pbk.)
  • Publish Date: 2014

Globalize liberation: how to uproot the system and build a better world

“…Globalize Liberation is a manual, encyclopedia, and primary text for the global justice movement… If there were a required 101 class in anti-capitalism, this book would be central to the reading list.” – Fifth Estate

“…Globalize Liberation is a diagnosis, prescription, and the evidence of wellness in many small and large instances around the world. If you want to make change, this will set you on your way with strategy (because it “counters despair and fosters vision”), tactics, and abundant creative inspiration like “fire in dry grass.” – Clamor Magazine

“From identifying global problems of class struggle, racism, discrimination, and extreme concentration of power, to putting ideas in action whether in America, Argentenia, Scotland, or other nations around the world, Globalize Liberation offers a crucial glimpse into what is needed to shape the future of humanity for the
better.” – Midwest Book Review

“Globalize Liberation makes an important contribution to our understanding of the new left by documenting the social movements of the last ten years and providing suggestions and commentary about their future. In doing so it makes the ‘laboratory of resistance’ more accessible and easy to understand.” – Hopedance

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