This experiential workshop helps participants facilitate meetings that address both the task and maintenance dimensions of group life – meetings that achieve results and build groups that are sustainable and enjoyable. Participants develop a shared understanding of various facilitation styles and when to implement them. Resource materials are provided for future reference.


  • reflect on facilitation challenges and ‘edges’
  • consider the particular challenges of facilitating in a social change context
  • share and enhance participants’ facilitation skills
  • provide resource material for future reference

key elements and tools

  • exploring the language of facilitation
  • facilitation roles
  • task and maintenance dimensions of organisational life
  • consensus decision-making
  • forming, norming, storming and performing
  • the challenges of growth group
  • the four Ps of effective meetings
  • the 6 stages of a meeting
  • tips for facilitators
  • the art of self-facilitation
  • the qualities of an effective meeting: task/ maintenance
  • facilitation role-play (fishbowl) and debrief

who would benefit

  • people who are new to facilitation
  • experienced facilitators keen to refresh and extend their skills
  • community group members keen to develop the skills and confidence to facilitate