community organising

The tCA team have developed a suite of training resources for community organisers. Our Community Organising resources have grown out of action research and our training work with community organisers and activists. They have been developed to support organisers and activists to be more effective in their efforts to engage, mobilise and sustain active citizenship.

The project is also intended to support facilitators and educators to develop the skills and confidence to take these ideas and tools into their communities and social change organisations.

How can social and environmental justice campaigns mobilise, support and strengthen grassroots community organising?

When education, collaboration and policy advocacy fail, it’s time for a different approach: one that builds power at the grassroots community level and invigorates direct and participatory forms of democracy.

Working with social movements, we’ve observed a pressing need for community organisers to better understand processes and tools that can help:

  • Clarify the role of community organising and what makes it different from other approaches to social change
  • Community and relationship mapping
  • Build and maintain effective alliances and coalitions
  • Techniques for interacting with powerholders and allies
  • Develop situational and problem analysis
  • Engage, mobilise and sustain grassroots activists

Project rationale
We believe that effective social change work relies more on community mobilisation now than it has for decades. Working for social and political change at the grassroots presents challenges that many established advocacy groups are ill-equipped to tackle. Many of the Australian social change…

Community organising action research
Our Community Organising action research project was modelled on our Strategising for Change action research project. From late 2003, the Change Agency (tCA) developed a growing suite of tools for community organisers to develop effective campaign strategy. The…

Community organising resources
To deepen your understanding of community organising, especially if you’re planning to participate in one of our workshops, we recommend the following online readings: