learning organisations and evaluation

Saul Alinksy noted that some of the most effective organisers and activists use campaigns and social movements as learning opportunities. This workshop explores opportunities and strategies to more consciously capture learnings we acquire through social action, and identify the barriers that impede organisational learning.

Participants reflect on how their organisations learn and what additional mechanisms can maximise this learning.


  • identify and harness opportunities to learn through community action
  • identify and reduce the barriers that impeded this learning
  • introduce participants to practical strategies to maximise organisational learning

key elements and tools

Our approach is influenced by popular education, and Griff Foley’s take on organisational learning. Key elements of our workshops and in-house support work include:

  • mentoring
  • internships
  • reporting and evaluation habits and strategies
  • exit reviews

who would benefit?

We’ve introduced a range of groups to techniques for organisational learning, from small grassroots networks to larger NGOs.