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Tensions within a group

Well functioning groups are aware of these tensions and work together to manage and respond to them as needed. Facilitators can assist by observing, acknowledging and actively managing these tensions as they arise.

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Defining consensus exercise

A process guide to enable a team to come to a shared definition of consensus; encourage group members to work together before they deal with a decision they must make; and strengthen the relationships within the group before they make consensus decisions.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Strategies for enhancing effective feedback whilst reinforcing acceptance, confidence, and contributions from participants.

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Action Group Meetings

Resources to help your group work well together and achieve your objectives; highlights some group habits and actions that resilient community groups have relied on.

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Consensus decision making

An overview of requirements and guidelines for effective consensus decision-making, as well as some variations and difficulties that may be encountered.

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Defining Consensus

This tool enables a group to arrive at a shared definition of consensus and to work together and strengthen relationships before dealing with decision-making.


Diagnostic Tools

A bundle of tools for facilitators to learn a group’s needs and move the group forward.

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Facilitation Interventions

Based on Donna Ching’s facilitation resources, this document outlines various techniques that can be utilised when certain common meeting problems occur.

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Games, Energisers and Ice Breakers

The games in this section are separated into the categories of introductory games, name games, dynamicas (energisers) and fun ways to get people into groups.

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Active listening role play and resources

Some of our favourite resources on active listening and a role play in which facilitators demonstrate good and bad listening techniques, and participants are able to experience and discuss the elements of successful communication.

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Effective facilitation

Resources for developing effective facilitation skills. Topics covered include: tips for facilitators; running effective meetings; forming agendas; testing for agreement; and decision making models.

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Developing Strength Through Diversity

Chapter 12, pp.158-172, of ‘Grassroots and nonprofit leadership’ (1995) Berit Lakey, George Lakey, Rod Napier, and Janice Robinson, New Society Publishers.

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Decision Making & group process

Resources to help community action groups work together, make tough decisions and attend to the maintenance as well as task dimension of group life.


Growing Pains exercise organisational learning

Role play exploring issues of organisational responses to growth and change.

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Participant agreements

A list of agreements developed by Bill Moyer for participating in workshops and meetings that encourage respectful and responsible participation.

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The role of a critical friend in organisational learning

Summary of the different types of facilitation roles (e.g. observer, critical friend, fishbowl, vibes watcher) with links to useful internet resources.

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Killer phrases: Keeping a pro-stagnation attitude

A useful reminder to build a healthy sense of our agency and potential.

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Scenario writing

Encourages participants to articulate positive visions to guide their organisations’ strategies.


Team types

An opportunity to reflect on behaviour and work together to understand each other more deeply.

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Ankle walk

Here’s a challenging exercise for practicing making decisions and communication, and deepen a group’s capacity to work more effectively together.

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