Community organising graduate profile: Ellen Roberts

11th February, 2015

Ellen is a graduate of the 2014 Fellowship program and is currently a coordinator with the Mackay Conservation Group.

Why are you passionate about Community Organising? Why is organising an important part of the solution in your community? 

Central Queensland has been feeling the impacts of coal and coal seam gas for decades, with thousands of gas wells and huge coal mines turning the area into a ‘moonscape’. The Mackay Conservation Group has been working with local community members, from farmers to fishers to local residents, to make sure that their knowledge, connection to place and their livelihoods are not shoved aside in the coal rush. Community organising is crucial for ‘frontline communities’ who daily face the challenges of living so close to industry, to enable deep co-operation and the development of a shared agenda. Together we are powerful.

How has the Community Organising Fellowship impacted on your current work?

The Community Organising Fellowship has enabled Mackay Conservation Group to be more sophisticated, responsive and systematic in the way that we work with our supporters. We continually encourage people to step up and get more involved, via an understanding of where they are at and how they want to contribute to the struggle for a sustainable future.

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