To build a powerful, winning movement requires trained and committed organisers who can mobilise Australians around shared values, influence the political process and engage communities to win campaigns.

The Community Organising Fellowship is an exciting initiative that equips community leaders and non-government organisations’ staff with the skills they need
to build community power to influence decision-makers.

From the civil rights movement in the United States to worker rights in Australia, effective organising has been at the heart of countless winning campaigns.

The Community Organising Fellowship is a significant investment in deepening campaign strategy and community organising skills and practices. This Fellowship is for campaigners with political experience who have the capacity to develop and implement campaign strategies. It creates a cohort of highly skilled and effective organisers.

The Change Agency, the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales and the Sierra Club have come together to develop the program.

Key Dates

Workshop 1:
March 7-12 +
March 16 (evening )

Workshop 2:
June 6-11 +
June 15 & 16 (evenings )

Workshop 3:
September 5-10 + 13 & 14
Note: dates may change if in-person retreats

Fellowship Applications open:
1 August 2021 

The Community Organising Fellowship is generously funded by:

Please Contact us to discuss funding the Fellowship.