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tCA news - october 2011

What's on top?

I hope this month's enews finds you well, powering along in your community organising and taking time to enjoy the change of season.

These are times of change for tCA too. Many of you will know that the Change Agency has down-sized, as some members of our collective are immersed in other work. Having functioned as a collective for a few years, this project has now returned to a modest base - just me (James) and a few associates who work with me on specific projects. This month, I've been working with a network of community groups in regional New South Wales to create a new network or coalition. With Holly and Jason, I'm nearing the end of our mentoring relationship with the 100% Renewable Energy community organisers, having met every month or two with them for almost two years to debrief, reflect, analyse and strategise. Prue facilitated an energetic strategising session with the NSW Youth Action and Policy Association. Linds, Dean and I are preparing to facilitate a 3 day movement strategy retreat and I'm preparing to travel to Asia in the New Year to collaborate with two committed activist educators in leading a three-day strategy workshop.

We've had more than 36,000 visitors to tCA's website since the August enews, with 13,695 files downloaded in August and 12,559 in September! Thanks to Gemma and David for your kind donations - it's great to hear tCA's online resources are supporting your work.

Drop me a line if you come across useful resources, events and ideas you'd like to share in the December enews.

It'll be great to hear how Power Shift unfolds in Brisbane and Perth - what a brilliant learning opportunity for young climate activists! We'd welcome an update!

great online resources

Each month, enews subscribers share with us the websites and online resources they're developing, discovering and learning from in their community organising. Enjoy this month's batch and be sure to drop us a line to suggest links for the December enews.

Tools for change - Founded in 2010 by OPIRG Toronto and Earthroots, Tools for Change hosts workshops for people interested in improving their skills at advocating for social, economic, and environmental justice.

Kumu - Kumu helps you see the big picture, exposing valuable insights hidden beneath the complexity. Part network/ systems mapping, part CRM, part strategic planning. [Could this be the tool for communiy mapping? The developers are offering a 'kumunity' plan or account, which is entirely free. tCA would love to hear your experiences using Kumu.]

The Triangle Wars - A great illustration of how Facebook can advance a local campaign. In this instance, a community up against a property developer and out of touch local council. With a film launch in Melbourne early October.

Campaigners' guide to financial markets - A great manual for effective lobbying of companies and financial institutions written by Nicholas Hildyard and Mark Mansley of the Cornerhouse.

Cacophany: Why digital activism isnít helping America - The US is mired in some of the most toxic and unproductive politics in recent memory. The author of this report argues that Americaís democracy and pluralism make digital activism less effective at bringing about dramatic change.

How to plan highly effective campaigns - Chris Rose provides tips and examples on how to plan an effective campaign strategy and what needs to be considered.

Readings on activism and campaigning - A great reading list crowdsourced by the members of the e-Campaigning Forum and research into UK community activism and organising.

upcoming learning opportunities and other events

Our online calendar has details of additional events and opportunities. Contact us if you have something to add to the calendar.

The foundations and practices of Evolutionary Leadership | SE Queensland, April, June, Sept, Nov 2011

VCOSS Clearinghouse Rural and Regional Training | Victoria, throughout 2011

Climate change, despair and empowerment | Parramatta, October 15

communicating mindfully masterclass | Melbourne, 15-16 October

Bridging the gap seminar | 24-25 October, Darwin

Bridging the gap seminar | 27-28 October, Sydney

Earth Spirit Action deep ecology workshop | Narrabeen, Sydney, October 22-23

communicating mindfully masterclass | Byron Bay, 5-6 November

Deepening ecological citizenship | Victoria, Nov 17-20

Commonground festival 2011 | 18-20 November, Seymour

Creative community governance and decision making | SE Qld, November 21

Community activism and public interest advocacy | Byron Bay 19-25 November

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