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Super-T for Social Action Trainers

DatesFri 10 Jun 2011 - Sun 26 Jun 2011
Streamother events
Format17 day training with 4 workshops
HostTraining for Change

training for change
Take your facilitation to a new level of creativity, range and effectiveness in this intensive 17-day super-training: 4 state-of-the- art workshops, plus 3 rest days, sequenced for maximum growth for participants.

The Super-T will offer you...
* New and expanded tools for working with people who learn primarily
through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic channels
* Strategies for how to increase a resistant group's flexibility and openness to learning
* Increased creativity in inventing tools and activities for your kind of teaching
* An approach rooted in activism and popular education with lessons from cutting edge fields in training

The Super-T is for experienced and less-experienced trainers and facilitators who want to take their work to a new level of creativity and effectiveness, as well as new trainers who want to learn the major principles of this rapidly-developing field.

The Super-T is ideal for a trainer's sabbatical, for facilitators looking for inspiration and fresh approaches, and for international trainers wanting to make a study trip to North America.

Training for Change
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